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About Me


Originally from the South, I come from a long line of Clairvoyant/ Intuitive Healers.. And, I always thought that's why I was so drawn to alternative methods of healing. But, after spending the first half of my life as an actress, I realized that I had to do some serious deep healing on myself.  After taking that journey to heal myself, and my Ancestral lineage, I realized my true calling was to help others, not just myself.. I then embarked on many years of study and attunements, from becoming a Reiki Master to studying Angelic Healing, with Doreen Virtue, to learning about my Indigenous roots, and the lineage of where I came from... Ultimately, finding my true path, through Shamanic Sound Healing... Channeling my Shawnee, Cherokee & Irish heritage, I use a combination of chanting, drumming, and journeying, to release attachments, while calling in transformative healing.. Sessions can range from Ancestral & Trauma Healing, to Intuitive/ Oracle Card Readings, to Sound Healing... Aligning the alchemy and healing modalities of my ancestors, with the energetic properties of Mother Earth...

Healing Modalities 
I incorporate many different modalities into each and every Healing session. Tapping into my Native and Appalachian Ancestral roots, I'm able to see the energy blockages, that may be holding my clients back from living their best and fullest lives... Whether it be through Sound Healing, Reiki, or Intuitive Guidance, I go to the source of the blockage, in order to clear and release. Messages are delivered through my Guides and come in the form of Ancestral & Trauma Healing, or Spiritual Guidance.  In each Session, I use Sound Therapy to balance and align the Chakras to move stagnant energy. During each of these processes, I'm assisted by the energy of my Indigenous instruments, Vocal Toning, and high vibrational crystals.
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The Essences

Nutrition and Herbal Remedies are two of the strongest allies we have in maintaining our health and vibrant life force. After many years of Homeopathic Self-Healing, I've tried just about any and every alternative to Western Medicine. Flower Essences have assisted me through some very difficult times in my life. But, for me there has always been something missing. The intense connection with Spirit, or something greater. Through using and researching various crystals and their purposes in the last decade, I have come to realize that these are our most potent resources. So, I have made a line of Essences that combine both the Flower and Crystal Kingdoms, to work with us, and get us where we need to be...

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